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Creativity, Innovation & Ingenuity
We pride ourselves as been creative, innovative and ingenious, More importantly, we are trustworthy and professional in our dealing with our clients. Our idea-based solutions have enabled us build for ourselves a credible track record of trust- we are able to work with clients from the inception stage of ideas without divulging confidential information to 3rd parties. Creativity and innovation is the key to delivering communications solutions that stand out and sell the brands of our clients. All we require is the broad outline from our clients and we will work with the client to create memorable experiences for their customers. We understanding that things do not always go according to plan, our focus is more on strategy than planning and we rely on innovation and improvisation to deliver quality experiences within the constraints that communications activities, especially events and promotions, are characterized with. With ingenuity we are able to obtain at the optimum cost for our clients, the topmost quality equipment personnel and systems to execute any event promotion or project.

Entrance: Captivating &Tone setting
An entrance experience for your customers/ guests is essential. It should be attention grabbing and a major draw to even the casual passer-by who is a target for an event or promotion. The entrance experience starts from the pre-event hype to the physical entrance at the event venue. Our aim is to create an exclusive feel about the brand so that the customer feels left out if he does not participate in the event. This comes from a detailed Customer Need Analysis of the brand that is carried out with and for the client.

Precision in Planning
In planning our activities we focus on those that will grab and keep the attention of the customers/ guests who are being targeted or who will attend or participate in the activity. These activities should offer them an opportunity to have a unique experience and interaction with the brand in order to give the consumer an intimate intercourse with the brand.

Credible Closing for De ja vu
Credible closing and finishing that leaves your customer with the feeling of de ja vu. They start missing the event even before they leave the venue and their only way out is to interact more with the brand through purchases and utilization.
We ensure that failure is not an option by introducing REDUNDANCY into the operations,
- Backup Generator for Electricity after liaising with ECG or VRA
- All equipment to be used IS setup early and thoroughly tested and redundant systems put in place.
- We will do dry runs prior to de-day to ensure compliance and precision.

The Team

The people at EventPR are the company’s most valuable assets. The team brings together personnel with considerable & diverse expertise, experience and practical knowledge of our areas of specialization. We boast of personnel and suppliers who know the how, what and where of the various services we provide. Among many others, the EventPR Team has been involved at the highest level of planning and managing undoubtedly the most successful Marketing Communications activities in Ghana.