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The EventPR Company Limited [EventPR] is a full service Marketing Communications Company known for integrating business development communications and marketing strategies in a manner that guarantees that our clients get noticed.

Through a combination of media relations, promotions, strategic alliance development, direct marketing, and event production, EventPR develops strategic campaigns that exceed client expectations. Our campaigns take into consideration our client’s short and long term sales and marketing objectives in order to ensure that public relations programs dovetail appropriately into the client’s marketing and monetary goals. As our client, you keep your hands on the wheel, while we keep our eyes on the road.

With experience, expertise and wide media connections that span the industry, EventPR generates media attention and name recognition with memorable flair. As a company, your stakeholders can be varied and diverse. We implement solutions that help you build relationships with stakeholders including:

• Government • Community • Media • Special interest groups
• Investors • Businesses • Employees

We serve government institutions, businesses, consumer advocacy and cause-related organisations, striving to exceed client expectations in all that we do.

The EventPR Company Limited
P. O. Box CT1763, Cantonments - Accra, Ghana
E- | T- (+233) [0]26-1609963

Content Development & Management

The EventPR is the proud publisher of the Daily Express Newspaper, Ghana’s First and ONLY FREE newspaper in circulation. The Daily Express is just one of three brands in our newspaper stable, the other two (currently out of circulation) being the JIVE Entertainment Weekly and GAMES Sports Paper.
We are also experts in Radio & TV Production and Programming, Syndicated write-ups, Newsletter Production among others.

The Daily Express has been in production since September 2006 and has just made history in Ghana as the first and only Ghanaian newspaper available for free download on all platforms.
Published and available on the stands every Tuesday and Thursday, we are in addition to our free print editions also available for download on iPad, iPhone, Android and Google Play Store.

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Our Services

There comes a time in the life of an organisation that certain incidents occur. How they are handled can affect the organisation’s credibility and future. The key to managing a crisis is to be prepared for the worst possible scenario before it occurs and to be able to manage it pro-actively when it occurs. This is one of the specialities of EventPR.

Event Management

There are times when the most appropriate method of communication is to stage an event. Success relies on meticulous planning and attention to detail. EventPR has some of the most thorough event coordinators in the Ghanaian industry, with combined years of experience in the coordination of state, national and corporate events. We have experience in organising conferences, seminars, staff training, hospitality programs and product launches, maximizing the impact of corporate events.

Government Relations

Having your message heard by government is an enormous challenge, making sure it is understood is another. EventPR has consultants who are highly experienced in government relations; they know who to speak to in government and how to do it.


Media Relations

Effective media relations means that your messages appear in any resulting coverage. Unless this happens, the media coverage can be a wasted opportunity. We work with clients to develop their messages and ensure that they are delivered in a format that will be used by journalists. Liaison with Stakeholder Groups, Media & Crisis management Internal Communications Management (employee newsletters), Involvement in external relations etc.

Speech Writing

Writing a speech requires an understanding of vocal dynamics. It is different from writing for a reader. At EventPR, we understand the fundamentals of the spoken word and how to deliver effective messages. We assist in the preparation of short talks, public statements, political and corporate speeches or lengthy lectures.

Stakeholder Consultation & Engagement

Establishing and maintaining good community relations is essential for the operation of any organisation. Providing community relations and consultation programs for government departments private companies helps to successfully communicate their message to the right people, Where necessary, we help to establish positive on-going dialogue between an entity and its community.

Brand Development & Design

Getting your brand to stand out in a crowded marketplace is crucial. The development of a strong brand can be years in the making, yet it’s where the best marketing campaigns begin. We sift through the many features and benefits of your service or product hone in on what matters most to your target audience and marketing campaigns begin. We sift through the many features and benefits of your service or product hone in on what matters most to your target audience and tailor your message accordingly. When we combine that with compelling graphic design and creative delivery, the result is a brand that customers remember. For instance, Office Stationery may be used to make a big impression on your clients and customers and not simply used in-house. After all how you treat your business is a reflection of how you will treat your customers, EventPR designs and prints business cards, letter heads and envelopes that make your brand easily recognizable and leave a good impression.

Marketing & Advertising

Television, radio, newspaper, magazine, online interactive (includes web banners design and development), mobile and outdoor, Customer acquisition, retention, loyalty and win-back programs, online and offline, Website design and development Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Social Networking.

Content Development & Management

Radio/TV Production & Programming Consultancy, Newspaper Publication (publishers of dailyEXPRESS, JIVE and GAMES Newspapers), Internet Publications & Syndicated write-ups.

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